Monday, February 26, 2007

Science World

Last weekend we took Amanda to Science World (oops, sorry, Telus World of Science) for the first time. I'd heard that they had a good toddler section and we figured Amanda might enjoy it. The weather was lousy and it was also Chinese New Year, so the crowds were a little thinner than usual - perfect!!

She had a great time running around and keeping us on our toes! We could hardly keep up with her, especially in the Eureka! gallery (the one with the huge waterfall that you throw balls onto). She kept picking up balls and randomly hucking them around, then zipping over and sticking her arms in the water.

The toddler area was good, although I didn't think quite as good as the one at the Aquarium (or maybe Amanda just likes the Aquarium one better). Come to think of it, the biggest problem with it may have been the several obnoxious kids (some older than 6) who were running all over the place without a parent to be seen, stealing the balls from the younger kids and climbing all over the little ones on the way up the slide. Um, yeah, maybe that was the problem. (Insert rolling eyes here).

Anyway, we did have a great time and Amanda had a GREAT nap afterwards! Here are a few pictures (there are more in this Flickr set):

Outside the Geodesic Dome

Fun with trick mirrors:
Little Person Amanda

Mmmm...giant chocolates! (These were in the Purdy's Anniversary exhibition):
I Want Some!

A cool Year of the Pig craft we made there (two egg carton cups with pipe cleaners):
Year of the Pig

And this photo could have been taken anywhere - totally non-Science World-specific - but I just love it so I decided to share anyway. :)

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