Saturday, February 03, 2007

i got pwned by a 2 year old

i got pwned by a 2 year old
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Maybe a little bit of explaining is in order. "PWNED" is a gamer term that is pronounced "OWNED". It is derived from a common typo since the O and the P on the keyboard are located next to each other. Amanda has taken a liking to my Xbox 360 controller and likes to turn on my console by pushing the big button on the controller.

Amanda has become quite the tech savvy 2 year old. She knows that when we're in the car all of her songs are stored on our iPOD. (I'm just waiting for her to ask for one for herself). She knows how to put a DVD into the DVD player properly without jamming the tray. Fingerprints are still not high on her priority list.

I may try and store her videos on our media PC so she can access them with my original XBOX (modded of course). That way she doesn't have to fiddle with the original DVDs.

Maybe we'll start a podcast for two year olds and just have her rambling on about words that rhyme. (which seemed to be today's favourite topic). I'm not sure what she is thinking but apparently "DOG" and "POO" rhyme. Watch for the next episode of "Parents just don't understand - two year old "l33t speak". Hmm Mommy and Daddy just got PWNED!

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