Sunday, October 31, 2004

Just over 4.5 months update

Finally, after almost two months, Amanda's sleeping has improved again and she is sleeping a 6-9 hour stretch each night. Heaven! We finally figured out the problem - she is teething! Although her teeth haven't come through yet, she has a couple of little "tooth buds" on the bottom, which appeared after a few particularly sleepless nights. It looks like now we get a brief reprieve until the next teething incident begins. Mandy now sleeps in her crib in her own room - a transition that has been much harder on us than on her! She is quite happy in her room and especially loves looking at the animals on her wallpaper border. However, we have found it hard getting used to her not being right next to us all night. Amanda's giggles are getting stronger and easier to encourage, and she is so happy and friendly - just loves having lots of faces to look at. We had an exciting first Halloween - Amanda dressed up in her adorable ladybug costume and helped us hand out candy at the door. She also wore the costume to our Mom & Baby group, and to do some visiting with work friends. Had to get lots of wear out of it! I visited a couple of friends with brand new babies this week (congratulations to Pip on the birth of Jennifer, and to Cynthia on the arrival of Erich!) and was stunned to realize how small newborns really are. As someone said to me, you swear you will never forget how small your baby was, or how tiny she felt in your arms, but you do! But each new stage brings such joy...this parenting thing is really bittersweet!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Almost 4 months update

The last month has been an exciting one! Currently Amanda weighs just over 16 lbs and is almost 26" long...meaning we will have to move her into a new carseat in the next few weeks. We thought we would have a bit longer before that step was necessary! She is awake now for most of the day and hates to nap, although she is getting a bit better. At three months, Amanda hit a growth spurt that made our once-wonderful sleeper wake up every 1.5 - 2 hours every night! Shortly afterwards she caught her first cold, and her stuffy nose and sore throat didn't do much to help her sleep. Finally, more than three weeks later, we are starting to see improvements in her sleeping again (finally Mommy is starting to feel human!). Soon we will have to move Amanda into her crib in her own room, although we are so sad and will miss hearing her little baby snores tremendously. Unfortunately she is getting too big for the cradle, so it has to be done. In other news, Mandy rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time last week, and she has started giving us huge, hilarious belly laughs when she gets giddy. They are so much fun to listen to! Her current favourite toys are her Lamaze cube (fondly referred to as Cubie the Cube) and Mr. Pinky the elephant. Don't ask...I guess every toy gets a name once you have a baby! She also loves her soft stuffed lamb (named, you guessed it, Lambie) who sleeps with her at night, and her exersaucer. We have been keeping very busy attending Mom & Me groups, moms' movies, and library storytimes. It is amazing how fast the time goes! We can't believe that our tiny baby has grown so much, so quickly.