Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Taste of Summer

One of the wonderful things about summer is all of the fresh fruits. Check out these beauties that we picked from our garden.

Just add a little of ice cream and you're good to go!

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer again... *sigh*

So I have begun my summer once again. This year's level of parental wrangling of livestock includes a 7 year old daughter with a ferocious appetite for knowledge and understanding and a 2 year old boy with a ferocious appetite. The 2 year boy will become a 3 year old youngling at the end of the month and will likely result in refusing to use the potty for another year.

To survive this summer my workplace has given me an iPad2 to investigate the possibility of using it for staff in a classroom as a research tool or a presentation device. I'm using it as a communication device, school website fixer upper tool, and a great way to update my parental blog as well as my educational exploration blog We are trying to keep students engaged in their learning so using an iPad and sharing with other staff members will hopefully result in a more connected and engaged staff as well. My daughter thinks of it as an extremely large iPhone!

The first day began as a typical morning when Jen isn't home. Really late starts and really bad breakfast choices. We will curb the bad breakfast part later today as we do a grocery shop. Sam has developed strep throat over the last few days but is now on meds and is not contagious any longer. Amanda battled back from her strep throat episode earlier last month and unfortunately had to miss her sports day at school.

So my summer begins with a sick kid and a slick "toy"...

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