Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dove: Self-Esteem

I found a link to this video on a friend's site and really think that it's a great idea for all of us to think about.

As a teacher of high school students, I see how parents (and teachers) can sometimes unintentionally cause kids to feel absolutely insecure about themselves. Socially it is already a very difficult time when growing up as a teenager and I believe that it is our responsibility to help our kids and others to feel good about themselves. "TOUGH LOVE" does not mean making them feel like they are worthless. We're not good at everything but everyone has something that they are unique at. It sounds a little cliche but we need to help these young people find their strengths and celebrate them!

Watching my daughter grow up and learn something every day really helps me see what she is good at and what she isn't good at. Its amazing what each person is capable of once you see it (little or adult sized).

Enough said.

Watch the video and hug your kid(s)!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Little Helper?

Well we decided to make cookies today. Shopping for the stuff we needed turned out to be an adventure in itself but that's for another blog post.

I think Amanda is fulfilling the duty of all little kids by being the royal taste tester of the chocolate chips. She was a big help by pointing out that the little pieces of chocolate are NOT CHIPS! because they don't look like the potato variety (which she isn't really allowed to eat).

We compromised and called them chocolate bits. Gotta go! It's time to test the finished product.