Thursday, February 15, 2007

Diane & Richard

We went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday - Diane, one of the members of our church choir, married Richard. They are such a lovely couple and it was a beautiful day. Since Diane & Richard are both dedicated choir members in their respective parishes, a joint choir from both churches came together to sing at the wedding. We managed to fit almost 40 people into our tiny "choir loft"! Everything went wonderfully and both the ceremony and reception were great.

A few photos (see more in the Flickr set):

Diane and Richard singing a song with the massed choir just after the ceremony:
View from Above

Jen & Jeff

Dancing in the bubbles (their first dance was to "Young At Heart" cute is that?):
Dancing in the Bubbles

The happy couple!
The Happy Couple!

Congratulations Diane & Richard...we hope you're enjoying your Hawaiian honeymoon!

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