Friday, February 02, 2007

Boys and Girls

We're having a baby shower for Cristina and Tristan on Sunday (not a surprise, so don't worry - I'm not giving anything away here!). I mentioned to Amanda the other day that we would be going to a special party on Sunday for Cristina and Baby Tristan, and that it was a funny party because only girls would be there. "No boys?!?" she asked incredulously. We then had to go through a whole succession of people she knows - "Grandma will be there because she's a girl"..."Grandpa's a boy, so he can't come"..."Mommy will be there because she's a girl", etc.

Then a furrow appeared across her brow. "But Baby Tristan is a BOY!!". Hmm, yes, I hadn't thought of that with my "girls only" statement. Despite the fact I've explained that he can come because he's just a baby, and the party is for him, every time we talk about the shower she says "But Tristan is a BOY!!".

And yes, Amanda also thinks it's hilarious that the party is called a shower. I'm not sure exactly what she's expecting...let's see if she asks to wear her bathing suit! (She refuses to shower at home, insisting that she wants to "SIT in the bath, not STAND in the shower") but loves to stand under the shower at the swimming pool.)

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