Saturday, November 12, 2005

17 month update

Amanda is continuing to learn new ones include "down", "book", "yuck", and a word that sounds like "buck" but that we really hope is "bonk" since it's a little early to start with swearing! We have started our Waterbabies 2 lessons and they are going well, although between making sure she gets an early nap to avoid screaming fits in the water, and giving her a bath to get the chlorine out of her hair afterwards, the lessons seem to eat up most of our Saturdays. Funny enough, she insists on lying on her stomach in the bath like she is doing a front float, even though she resists it in the swimming pool. We are working on blowing some bubbles but so far she mostly just drinks the water! Yuck! Her favourite part of the lessons is sitting under the waterfall afterwards, with the water running over her shoulders. She will even jump down off the ledge and into my arms, although it's hard to get her to leave the ledge since she loves sitting there so much! In the past several weeks Amanda has figured out how to kiss, and treats Mommy and Daddy to kisses quite frequently. She also gives great big hugs and will run into our arms from across the room. Amanda now has a totxal of 10 teeth plus one more almost about to break through. She is sleeping very well - only occasionally does she wake up, and even then she is able to get herself back to sleep within a minute or two. We are getting excited about this Christmas, although we're a little nervous about what Amanda will do to our Christmas tree! It should be fun to see how she reacts to all the decorations. On the weekend, we took her back to Toybox Studio for some portraits - remember the beautiful angel picture from last year? We can't wait to get the pictures back - hopefully by next month we will be able to post them!