Saturday, September 16, 2006

And to Wrap Things Up...

...a selection of some of other other miscellaneous favourite photos over the past month or so...

At a Stanley Park picnic with Grandma & Grandpa:
Picnic at the Park

Enjoying some late-summer corn on the cob:
Corn on the Cob 3

Doing some colouring at a restaurant in Seaside:
Tired Artist

At her sickest, sitting in the box from the humidifier we bought to help her breathe overnight:
Little Humidifier

Sleeping on Jeff's shoulder at the St. Joseph's church picnic:
Put Your Head on My Shoulder

...and later, after she woke up, sharing a dance:
Dancing with Dad

Helping Daddy make waffles for breakfast:
Little Chef

Going for a ride:
So Tall!

(And if you aren't sick and tired of looking at pictures already, as always, there are tons more on our Flickr site - click any of the photos on the page to go to the site.)

Birthday Portraits - 26 and 27 Months

Amanda's birthday portraits for 26 and 27 months have been added to the Birthday Portraits set on Flickr. We are having a hard time getting the photos taken right on her 'birthday', but we'll keep up with trying to get a photo around the same time every month.

27 Months

Jo & Martin's Wedding

After returning from our vacation, we had to get ready for Jo & Martin's wedding! Amanda was a flower girl for the first time, and we were a bit nervous. For starters, she had picked up a bug on our trip - it started as the sniffles, but the Thursday night before the wedding she woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever, and over the following couple of days it got much worse. By Saturday morning she was pretty miserable.

We had to be at Jo's house by 8 am to have Amanda's hair done and get some photos taken, so we doped her up with cold medicine and hoped for the best.



She was OK until around 10 am, when we had to get her in the car to head over to the church. We hoped she would take a quick nap; however, she desperately wanted to hold her flower basket in the car, and we knew if she did so it would end up in pieces. So instead, we got to listen to her scream her head off for the entire 30 minute car ride (imagine "I HOLD IT!!!" over and over again in a hoarse, possessed-sounding voice, along with arms and legs furiously kicking in all directions, and you'd be part-way there).

By the time we arrived at the church, she was absolutely miserable. We headed to the bathroom to try to calm her down and fix her messed-up hair, and she wanted to sit on the potty. Unfortunately, she was exhausted to the point of almost falling asleep while sitting on the toilet, but every time we tried to take her off, she would scream "I PEE! I PEE!" and pull her Pull-ups back down (Pull-downs, perhaps?). It was to the point that we seriously doubted we would get her off the potty in time to walk down the aisle.

By some miracle - we still don't know how - Jeff managed to get her off and over to the front of the church just a minute or so before she was due to walk down the aisle . It looked briefly like she might be OK, but just as the doors opened, it became apparent she wasn't going to walk alone. So I ended up walking down the aisle with her - she had me on one side and her beloved Tyrone in the other. (The fact that Tyrone is bright orange didn't really help matters - she couldn't possibly have wanted to hold nice white Baby Beluga down the aisle, right?). As soon as she started walking, her face crumpled and she cried all the way down the aisle.


Of course, everyone else thought she was adorable and we could hear all the laughs and giggles during the long walk to the front of the church. We also got many comments during the course of the day and evening about how cute she was. If only they knew the whole story!

Once we were in the church, she promptly fell asleep on her Lolo's shoulder (thank goodness they had decided to come to see her debut as a flower girl!). She woke up part way through the ceremony and fussed a little, so Jeff and I had to sing during the signing of the registry with her on Jeff's shoulder - a little unconventional, but she was feeling so sick and unhappy that we were just happy to have her close.


Of course after the ceremony she was much more cheerful:



She spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's, and Jeff and I headed off to the reception at the Wall Centre, which was beautiful! Luckily she is fully recovered from her illness. We're hoping for better luck as she gets a second shot at being a flower girl at Mike & Cristina's wedding next month!

Vacation to Portland

At the end of August, we managed to squeak out six days for a quick vacation. Not having planned ahead of time, we decided to drive down to Oregon for a few days and see some sights and do some shopping.

The drive down:
Monkey 3

Amanda playing with her new Mr. Potato Head:
Playing with Tato Head

Playing princess with a crown and wand we bought at the Portland Saturday Market:

Hanging out on the beach in Seaside:

And finally, some pictures from the Oregon Zoo:
Sea Otter

Zebras 2

Giraffe 3

Colobus Monkey 2

Elephant 2

Argh! A Bear!


(Click on any of the photos above, then the "Oregon August 2006 (set)" on the right, to see lots more pictures from our vacation.)

Aquarium Fun

We invested in a membership to the Vancouver Aquarium this spring, and we've definitely been getting our money's worth! Amanda absolutely loves the aquarium. She has a stuffed Baby Beluga that she adores...he's gone through a succession of names, starting with Baby Bugga, then Baby Booga, and now Baby Bogo (she knows this isn't right but gets a kick out of saying it wrong then laughing). She can sing the entire song and loves the beautifully-illustrated board book as well (some of her very early words were kayak, narwhal, and puffin...go figure!).

Amanda now knows the aquarium so well that she directs us to where she wants to go...her favourites are the seals, sea otters, dolphins, and belugas. Here are a few of our favourite shots from the aquarium this summer:



Beautiful Beluga

Beautiful Beluga

Sleepy Girl

Tiny Tutus

One fun thing we did this summer (well, Amanda did anyway) was take a Tiny Tutus class. I hadn't ever seen a dance class for 2-year olds before, but we figured she loves music and she loves to dance, so it would be fun for her. She had a blast! Jeff got to take her to the classes, since I had to work, but I did work from home one day so I could sneak out in the middle of the day and watch a class. Amanda was a star! She actually listened to the instructor and followed directions pretty well (many of the other kids in the class didn't do so well with that). They would play "freeze", where they'd have to stop when the music stopped, and a "fast-slow" game where the music would change tempo and they'd have to change their dancing to reflect that. Amanda is really good at fast and slow and likes to trick us when we're singing at home, demanding we go fast or slow and laughing at us trying to keep up. They also did lots of stuff with hula hoops, scarves, wands, pom-poms, and other props. Amanda was especially good at the stretching part of the class. She was also a bit of a teacher's pet, enjoying sitting in the teacher's lap for many of the sitting activities.

Overall, it was great - and it was amazing for us to see Amanda act so grown-up in the classes! We've got lots of great video, which we'll have to figure out a way to the meantime here are a few pics. Oh, and one more thing - you would not believe how many kids came to the class (which cost all of $25) decked out in full ballet gear! We're far too frugal (cough for that, so Amanda's outfit didn't exactly match. Not that she cared! The skirt she's wearing in these pics is from her fairy costume last Halloween.


Dance Class

Dancing Shoes

Hula Hoop

Wow, We're Really Behind!!

We've been really falling behind in posting lately...the last few weeks of the summer were so busy! We'll be posting a few times over the next day or two to catch everyone up on what we've been doing...