Wednesday, August 25, 2004

2 1/2 month update

Amanda continues to grow at a somewhat alarming rate! At 9.5 weeks, she was 13 lbs 5 oz...meaning she has gone from the 50th percentile at birth to around the 95th percentile now! At her 2 month checkup, the Doctor said she is doing fabulously and even commented on what a beautiful baby she is. She sailed through her shots without too many problems (Mom had a harder time with them than Amanda did!). Slowly we are starting to fall into more of a routine, although Mandy throws lots of surprises at us just to keep us on our toes! She continues to be a great around two months, we even had four straight days of 6-8 hour stretches at night (although we then went back to our normal routine with a 4-6 hour stretch each night). One struggle is that it looks like Amanda will be a thumb-sucker...just yesterday she seemed to finally figure out how to separate her thumb from the rest of her fist. Up until now the whole thing had been going in her mouth! We've been desperately trying to get her to take a pacifier instead of her thumb, but so far it's not going too well. Although she doesn't mind the pacifier, she can't figure out how to keep it in her mouth, so unless we stay with her and hold it in, she quickly loses it and goes back to her thumb. She is a remarkably happy and friendly baby...loves to be held by lots of different people, and rewards Mom and Dad with huge smiles and giggles now. It's so nice to get such a wonderful reward for all the hard work of the past few months!