Thursday, July 28, 2005

13 1/2 month update

A snapshot of Amanda at 13½ months...
She runs around like crazy, and has the scraped knees to prove it! ~ She is finally signing...lots of "more", and she seems to be learning lots of others, like "milk", "water", and "all done". ~ She talks up a storm, babbling away mostly incoherently to everyone and everything. ~ She says a few words, like "dog", "duck", and something that sounds very much like "what's that?", but they're still pretty hard to understand. ~ Wherever we take her, she makes lots of new friends and does lots of flirting! ~ She adores her inflatable pool, and the splash pool near our house. ~ She is getting much harder to deal with at church, since all she wants to do is talk and run around! ~ She desperately needs another haircut! ~ She loves to ride in her carrier on Daddy's bike. ~ She is a great eater...we haven't yet found a single food she refuses to eat. ~ After a shaky start, she also loves her cow's milk in a sippy cup. ~ She is having a great time hanging out with her Dad all summer. ~ She can put the stars on her stacker, but not yet in the right order. ~ She will sometimes point to objects in her books when we ask her to ("where's the duck?") ~ She is starting to figure out how to climb on the furniture. ~ Her first top tooth finally came in a week ago, and it looks like the second one is part-way through as well. ~ She loves dogs, but is still a bit shy around them. ~ She hates to have anyone look inside her mouth, which makes checking for new teeth very difficult! ~ She can sit on her hippo, and knows it's supposed to go, but can't quite make it happen yet. ~ She has done great with the transition to Mom returning to work...and she rushes to the door to greet her with a big smile at the end of the day. ~ Whenever music starts (and sometimes even when it doesn't!) she starts bouncing up and down and dancing. ~ She loves to smile at herself and sometimes even "kiss" herself in the mirror. ~ She follows simple commands, like "bring me your water cup" or "come over here and we'll put your shoes on". ~ She sleeps really well but wakes up really early. ~ If we hold out our arms, she will run to us and give us a big hug. ~ We are so totally, crazily in love with her that it makes us ache.