Sunday, February 22, 2009

Disney Dreams

So, unbeknownst to Amanda, we have booked tickets for the four of us to go to Disneyland over Spring Break. Yahoo! Jeff and I are beyond excited, and it is so hard to keep the secret from Amanda. But we decided a month's notice was a bit too much for her, so we will tell her a week or so in advance (or as long as we can keep the secret!).

Amanda talks constantly about Disneyland - she has wanted to go for ages. For some reason they have been running tons of ads since the holidays, and every time she sees one she says how much she wants to go. We have talked about how we will go one day, but that it costs a lot of money so it's not something we can do whenever we want. A couple of weeks ago, as I was putting her to bed, she said "my only hope and dream is to go to Disneyland". So you can imagine how excited she will be!

Coincidentally, Jeff is also going to Anaheim this week for a conference, and his principal has allowed the group from his school to go down a day early (very nice of him!) so they will have a free day at Disneyland. (We have already decided that he will bring something back for Amanda, maybe an autograph book, that we can use to tell her we're going). Back to the point...Amanda knows that Daddy is going to Disneyland this week, and she is so envious!

The other day Jeff asked her what she would like him to bring back for her from Disneyland. Amanda thought for a moment, then, being the enterprising 4-year-old that she is, said "some money so I can go to Disneyland!".

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