Saturday, February 21, 2009

Amanda's Recital

This year Amanda is in her second year of the Music for Young Children program. She goes to classes one evening a week at a studio run by a great local teacher. This year she is in the Sunshine II class, and we're constantly amazed by what they learn! A big focus this year has been learning "bridges" - C/G, B/G, and C/A. They can play a C major scale with the appropriate bridges for each note ("This is C with a C/G bridge; this is D with a B/G bridge; etc.) and have recently learned about the G major scale and what sharps are (they're doing flats and F major in the coming weeks). It's incredible to us that they are already learning the basics of harmony and theory - things that we didn't learn in our music classes for several years!

Today they had their first recital of the year, and Amanda was a total star!! Not only did she play her song very well, but it was a really difficult one to learn, with changing bridges in the left hand (something that no one else in her class did!). She always manages to select the hardest song of all the recital choices! What we love the best is that she is totally confident and doesn't even seem to get nervous - she just gets up and plays her song.

For once we are actually organized and have a video to post!! So here it is [glowing with pride]:

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