Saturday, December 02, 2006


Amanda has been learning about her name at daycare recently. Of course she already knew her first name, and we'd been starting to teach her our last name as well. Nancy (our fabulous childcare provider) took it a step further and taught Amanda her parents' names as well, along with the name of the street we live on. Not too shabby for a not-even-2-and-a-half year old!!

It did take awhile for her to figure out whose name was whose, however. The first night after she'd learned it, I asked her at home what my name was.

Amanda: "Jeff"
Jen: "No sweetie, my name is Jennifer".
A: "NO! Daddy's name is Jeffifer. You're Jeff."
J: "Um, no actually, I'm pretty sure my name is Jennifer."
A: "NO!! You're Jeff! Daddy is Jeffifer!!"
J: "Um, OK. Guess I should change my name."

She was pretty emphatic that she had it right! But after another day or two she'd figured it out and now she knows our names without a problem. She also knows Nancy's last name. It's great to know that, if she were to get separated from us, at least she could give people a few bits of information to help them find us.

Of course, we could always try this other suggestion from Parent Hacks to make sure she doesn't get lost...

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