Sunday, December 17, 2006

Day 11: Have an Indoor Picnic

This was a simple one, and it should have been fun since Amanda is quite into quirky things like this. However, the previous evening's late bedtime had Mandy in a "terrible 2" mood and she was a huge grouch. She played along, but I could tell she was just humouring me. :)

Just playing along...
Day 11

Showing off her new favourite phrase - "No! [Delivered with an emphatic finger point]. I CAN'T like it! [Usually with another finger point on the CAN'T]":
Day 11

And another favourite phrase..."Shh! Baby is sleeping!" (Baby being her doll, whom she likes to put to bed tenderly by singing and delivering multiple hugs and kisses, then protect by shhing anyone who dares talk above a whisper):
Day 11

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