Monday, December 18, 2006

Day 17: Make Salt Dough Ornaments (Aka: The Day Jen Admits She is FAR From Being Supermom)

So, our weekend activities got a little messed we get closer to Christmas, it's definitely getting harder to keep up with everything. Saturday's activity was supposed to be going to the Christmas Train/Bright Nights in Stanley Park; however, Friday's huge windstorm caused the event to be closed all weekend. Looks like we will have to do that sometime after big deal.

I thought I would move Sunday's activity to Saturday, but as it turned out, we spent the afternoon at Metrotown....IMHO, the place most closely resembling the fiery depths of hell than anywhere else in the city. But hey...on the plus side, they had a Gigantic Rocking Horse! What more could a person ask for?

Anyway, Sunday's activity was making salt dough ornaments.

Day 17

Not so easy, as it turned out. Well, the dough part was fun and Amanda had a great time squishing it with her hands:
Day 17

And they looked really cute when we cut them out:
Day 17

However, due to a certain someone waking up seven bajillion times, including a stretch over the supposed oven removal time, they got a little bit overcooked. They're still OK, but they have tiny brown flecks in them (or maybe this was because we didn't mix the dough well enough?). Plus, when I opened the cupboard today, something fell out and directly onto one of the stockings, breaking it into three pieces. :( We still have to paint the survivors at some point...that may have to wait until the weekend.

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