Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vacation to Portland

At the end of August, we managed to squeak out six days for a quick vacation. Not having planned ahead of time, we decided to drive down to Oregon for a few days and see some sights and do some shopping.

The drive down:
Monkey 3

Amanda playing with her new Mr. Potato Head:
Playing with Tato Head

Playing princess with a crown and wand we bought at the Portland Saturday Market:

Hanging out on the beach in Seaside:

And finally, some pictures from the Oregon Zoo:
Sea Otter

Zebras 2

Giraffe 3

Colobus Monkey 2

Elephant 2

Argh! A Bear!


(Click on any of the photos above, then the "Oregon August 2006 (set)" on the right, to see lots more pictures from our vacation.)

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