Saturday, September 16, 2006

Aquarium Fun

We invested in a membership to the Vancouver Aquarium this spring, and we've definitely been getting our money's worth! Amanda absolutely loves the aquarium. She has a stuffed Baby Beluga that she adores...he's gone through a succession of names, starting with Baby Bugga, then Baby Booga, and now Baby Bogo (she knows this isn't right but gets a kick out of saying it wrong then laughing). She can sing the entire song and loves the beautifully-illustrated board book as well (some of her very early words were kayak, narwhal, and puffin...go figure!).

Amanda now knows the aquarium so well that she directs us to where she wants to go...her favourites are the seals, sea otters, dolphins, and belugas. Here are a few of our favourite shots from the aquarium this summer:



Beautiful Beluga

Beautiful Beluga

Sleepy Girl

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