Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just Monkeying Around

I need to get new brakes on our van! Every time Amanda even catches a glimpse of something brightly coloured she yells "PLAYGROUND"! I immediately slow down because I get startled and anything that can take me away from housework is always a welcome distraction.

Today we spent some time in a suburb of Vancouver called Cloverdale. We found this tot lot just behind a private school. It was obviously made for for kids a little older than 2 because there were no stairs to go up to the slides. This does not stop any 2 year olds of course and their likely excuse is that they can't read.

We also had a meal at Wendy's today and as we drove past she pointed and said "WENDY'S"! This made me feel like we go there waaay to much. At least you can substitute oranges for fries and milk for pop. Much better than most other fast food places.

We're continuing to enjoy our summer reviews of splash parks and playgrounds. Maybe when the weather is warmer we'll head to a different splashpark. Stay tuned!

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