Tuesday, July 04, 2006


What a great Canada Day weekend! On Saturday we headed out to Langley for the Canada Day event out there. Amanda had a fabulous time, despite the somewhat overwhelming heat. We watched some shows, played on the big red frog, and ate way too much junk food (Amanda especially liked her first ice cream sandwich, although most of it ended up dripping down her arms). Afterwards, Mandy fell asleep almost instantly in the car, and we took a quick detour to my friend Cynthia's place to see her beautiful new baby girl, Kimberly.

Sunday we had a very lazy day, complete with a long family nap in the afternoon. Ah, the beauty of long weekends - you can spend a whole day relaxing and not have to feel guilty about it! It was way too hot to do much of anything else, anyway. In the late afternoon, once the weather had cooled off a bit, we pulled out Amanda's inflatable pool, which turned out to be more work than we expected...there were a few small holes that had mysteriously developed since last year. We managed to patch them together enough for the pool to last through a good hour or so of splashing. Our little fishie loves the water these days.

Monday we managed to get organized enough to head out to the Vancouver Aquarium for a few hours. Amanda loves the aquarium, especially the "Baby Buggas". As soon as we told her where we were going, she would shout "Baby Buggas!!" excitedly every time we stopped the car. We actually watched the beluga show from the downstairs viewing area, which I'd never done before... a different way to see it, plus the air conditioning was very nice!

Now we're on "summer schedule"...Jeff is home with Amanda every day, although she'll continue to go to daycare once a week or so to give Jeff a break and Amanda a chance to catch up with her friends! Although the weather cooled off quite a bit today, the two of them had a great time wandering around and Amanda was exhausted by the end of the day, so much so that she almost fell asleep in her dinner. At least it's a bit cooler, so she's having an easier time sleeping these days.

A few more pictures have been posted, including some from Canada Day and the aquarium. Enjoy!

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