Friday, November 07, 2008

A Really Boring Day

So, today was kind of a lousy day. Amanda has been fighting a cold and was home from preschool on Wednesday. I was pretty sure she'd be OK to go to school today, so I got myself up at 6:45 am as usual and got ready to go, then got her up at around 7:30. But while we were eating breakfast I realized she really wasn't well enough for school...she would have been fine but all the other parents would have been mad at me for letting her spread her germs around!

There was a slight panic as the other thing I was supposed to do this morning was take Sam to our Roots of Empathy classroom visit. ROE is a program that brings babies and parents into school classrooms for an entire year, to give kids a chance to see how babies develop and thereby help develop empathy for others. The program has been shown to decrease bullying in schools. Amanda was an ROE baby and we enjoyed it so much that when I realized Sam would be born over the summer (and therefore would be the perfect age for the program) I contacted the school district about volunteering again. We've been placed at a local middle school with a grade 6/7 class, and have only had one visit so far, during which Sam screamed (and I mean SCREAMED) the entire time. Oh well, at least it will make those kids think twice about having babies any time soon!

I purposely scheduled our visits for preschool mornings, since technically older siblings aren't supposed to come to ROE visits, but I figured I'd call and explain and see if I could set Amanda up with a colouring book off to the side. But when I got hold of the coordinator, she said that the class teacher wasn't in today, which means they're not supposed to hold the session! So we postponed until next week. So it all worked out OK, except that I'd gotten Sam all dressed up to go out for nothing! We did head out to the mall for awhile to run some errands, but other than that, it turned out to be a pretty lazy day. Part of the reason for this was that Sam slept terribly again last night - for a baby that's always done long stretches, these 2 hour "naps" at night aren't working for me!! Hopefully things will get back to normal soon or I might go crazy!

So there you go, a really boring recap of our day...

We have a very busy weekend planned - Amanda has birthday parties to attend on both Saturday and Sunday morning! Quite the social butterfly. We'll try to post some pictures.

And just for a dose of cuteness to counteract this boring is a picture of Sam from a couple of days ago, on his way into the bath. He was so cute that I had to pull out the camera!
On the Verge of a Laugh

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