Sunday, November 09, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Phew, we've been busy this weekend! Every year it seems the Christmas rush gets earlier and earlier...well, I guess it's not technically a Christmas rush since it's not really Christmas-related stuff, but it feels like the busyness of the holidays moves up every year. If that makes any sense (probably not).

On Saturday morning Amanda had a birthday party to attend for one of her friends from her old daycare. I roped Jeff into taking her - it was at a local community centre so all he really had to do was supervise. She had a great time and was thrilled to see her daycare friends again...she talks a lot about how much she misses them. In the meantime, Sam and I decided to check out the Archbishop Carney craft fair - I mean to go every year but this is the first time I've managed to get there. I was pretty impressed! Admission is only $1 and there were over 100 vendors, all juried...a lot of the stuff was quite cute and very reasonably priced! I went with only $20 cash and had trouble figuring out where to spend it as I could have spent a lot more. There were a lot of cute kid things, homemade cards, and baking items. Definitely worth the $1 admission! Parking was a bit of a zoo but it was very well-organized and I did manage to get a spot right in the parking lot after about 10-minute wait. Worthwhile when carrying a 3-month old in a Baby Bjorn in the pouring rain!

Saturday evening we ordered Nando's takeout and Jeff and Amanda picked up the Tinker Bell movie for us to watch. Amanda was quite taken with it and it was pretty good for us, too. It was cute how they tied the story in with Peter Pan (not that I remember much about Peter's been ages since I watched it). The best part was just having family time snuggling together on the couch. After the movie, we watched the music video that came on the DVD:

Amanda had a great time dancing around the room to this song...she is really good at capturing the mood of the music with her dancing. This song got some lovely princess-like twirls and a princess demeanour to match. :)

This morning Amanda had yet another birthday party to attend, this time for one of the boys at her preschool. It was at the pool and they did about 30 minutes of pool games before heading back to the party room for lunch, cake, and gifts. She had a lot of fun! She prefers to wear a bathing cap in the pool, since it keeps her bangs out of her eyes, so at least it's easy to find her white latex head bobbing around. I was the only parent who didn't go in the pool (a bit hard with Sam in my arms!) so I was the dedicated photo taker, which meant I didn't get any photos with my own camera. Sam decided he didn't want to miss any of the party and woke up as soon as we got there, so I definitely had my hands full with him for the duration.

Finally, tonight we headed out to Swiss Chalet for dinner with Jeff's parents and his aunt and uncle. Auntie Nora recently celebrated a big birthday, and since we weren't able to make it to her birthday party, this was another chance to get together. Plus, Jeff's parents were quite thrilled to introduce them to Sam and show off Amanda a bit! Mmmmm, festive specials all around. (And the best part is that we still have our Lindt truffles to enjoy later!)

Now we're gearing up for another busy week. Tuesday is a holiday, but I'm going to be going to the Circle Craft show, our annual kick-off to Christmas tradition, so Jeff will get to spend the day with Amanda. (Sam will again have to come with would take me months to store up enough milk to leave him for an entire day, the way he eats!!).

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