Friday, January 19, 2007

Post-Christmas Fun

On Boxing Day, we headed to my parents' place for another "Christmas dinner"...but it was just us, so it was nice to relax. Usually we've tried to go over to their place on Christmas day for gift opening, but this was an even better way to do it - less stress on Christmas day, and when is stretching out the gifts ever a bad thing?! Amanda got quite the haul (and we didn't make out too badly ourselves).

When Amanda opened her new doll (promptly Christened "baby cousin"), she immediately had to put it to sleep with her old doll (with the creative moniker "baby"). They're under the afghan Mom knit - a miniature version of the one she made for Amanda and presented the day after she was born.
Shhh! Babies are Sleeping!

The next day, we headed over to Jeff's parents' house for gift opening there. Amanda was getting a bit overwhelmed by all the presents but still managed just fine. :)

Playing with her "new iPod":
Amanda's "iPod"

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