Sunday, January 28, 2007

Muffin Mania

Last night we had a couple of mangy bananas lying around, so I figured we should whip up something to eat. Amanda put on her new apron (a Christmas gift from Grandma & Grandpa) and we set to work on some banana-chocolate chip muffins...because in my mind, bananas can only be redeemed by oodles of chocolatey goodness. She was a very good helper, dumping the dry ingredients into the bowl, whisking up liquid ingredients, and mushing bananas.

When Jeff pulled out the camera it became even more evident to us that she's become far too familiar with the thing. She takes directions like a pro...for example, this is what Jeff got when he told her to "put her hands on her cheeks like a flower" (what does that even mean?!?):

Surprised Face #2

She also went through a succession of different faces on command - grouchy:
Grouchy Face

Surprised Face

Thinking Face

And just plain cute:

(The muffins were delicious, by the way!)

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