Monday, November 27, 2006


Yes, we have been very delinquent (yet again) in posting to our blog recently. Sorry...will try to do better!

We've been in the midst of a rare heavy snowfall here in Vancouver. Since Saturday evening, about 10 cm or so has fallen by our house. Although it's a PITA when it comes to driving and getting anything done, it's fun to see how Amanda has reacted to the snow. She was so excited when she woke up on Sunday morning and spent ages just staring out the window.

On Sunday afternoon we headed over to the park and did some sledding. OK, this wasn't as easy as it sounds, as Jeff had to spend about an hour driving around looking for sleds. He got the very last one at Canadian Tire after trying about a half dozen other stores first. However, it was worth it as Amanda loved the sled (even though she only went down a few small hills), and it was easy for us to pull her home on it so she didn't get too wet. Yes, we are bad, unprepared parents, and hadn't even bought her snowpants or boots yet! Something we will have to do in the next few days, I guess.

Jeff's school was cancelled today and I was home sick with a nasty cold, but things will probably be back to normal tomorrow, so we're hoping the roads will be pretty safe.

A few photos...



Snow Bunny

(You can see more pictures by clicking on any of the photos above).

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