Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Snow!

As I type, it's snowing yet again - they are predicting another 10-15 cm tonight. However, they're also saying it will start raining tomorrow and the snow will disappear over the next few days. Although I'm happy to see it gone for driving reasons, I'm not sure how I'm going to explain to Amanda that they snow is gone - I think she figures that now it's "winter", and the snow will be here throughout! It has been much more fun having snow on the ground with a 2 year old to share it with, that's for sure.

In other Amanda news, she is totally thrilled with all the Christmas lights that are starting to pop up in our neighbourhood. Every time we pass a house with lights up, she says "look at the pretty lights!" and we have to comment on all the colours. Although we haven't put our own lights up yet, we do have some light-up shapes (a snowman and snowflake) hanging in the front windows and she loves them. We can't wait to see her reaction when we put up all the lights! Jeff has gone a bit crazy this year so we could be one of "those" houses where you wonder if the people inside have gone insane. Will post photos when the decorations are up...

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