Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Moments of Hilarity

Will post more later about our trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday, but in the meantime, here are a few funny moments from the last few days.

  • On Saturday evening, I was flipping channels and found some figure skating. Amanda LOVED it. She could hardly get enough. Each time a new skater would come on, she'd turn to me and say "Mommy, s/he's doing great!". Don't know where she picked up that little phrase but it was adorable.
  • This was an amazing fall morning - cold and frosty with an amazing blue sky. Even though I was running late I figured it was worth a delay to walk with her to daycare instead of taking the car. She was having a fabulous time discovering how frost crunches under your feet and picking up enormous frosty maple leaves. But the best part was when she started running and waving her arms, shouting "I'm catching the wind!".
Does life get any better than that?

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