Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Full of Beans

Amanda has really been quite the little goofball recently, and we love it! The better her vocabulary gets, the less frequently the tantrums occur and the more pleasant she is in general. It helps that we're usually letting her sleep in these days (I wait for her to get up then goes into work a bit later) and she wakes up very pleasant and cheerful. In the evenings she gets really silly. She's started doing this duckwalk's hard to describe but she kind of struts and sticks her chin out. It's pretty hilarious to watch. She also gets in moods where she talks a mile a minute and makes up little songs (which is funny because we do it all the time too). She'll sing a little song something like "time to put on my socks...on my feet, not my hands...that would be, not the hands! No, no, no!". OK, I made that up, but she was singing a song sort of like that this morning.

Favourite new phrases these days? "Watch me" and "watch this", and "I'll figure it out".

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