Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rocky Point

Yesterday, it was such a beautiful day that I walked Amanda home by the river and we stopped at the local playground to play for awhile. This was all lovely...except that when Jeff picked her up today, she was insistent that she wanted to walk "under the trees" (like the river path) and go to the same park.

When I got home we decided to take her to the park, but since I had to go to the library to pick up a book, we figured we'd go to Rocky Point instead. There's a great kids play area there - last time we spent any time there, she wasn't really big enough to play there on her own but we figured this time would be better. It took awhile to convince her to try this new park (she kept insisting she wanted to go to the little local one), but once we got there she had a blast! It was a beautiful evening and it was the perfect time to go as it was still warm but not too busy.

It's amazing to see the difference in how she is at a playground in just a few short months. She ran around like crazy, climbing up everything and following the bigger kids around. The only thing she didn't do was slide down the firepole (probably mostly because it's a distance out from the structure itself - smart thinking, so only the bigger kids can reach it!). She's pretty good with the other kids, saying "excuse me" if someone is in her way. She really wanted someone to sit on the teeter totter with her and kept going up to other kids saying "do you want to be my partner?"...of course, they didn't understand what she meant and mostly ignored her. But the great thing about this age is that it didn't put her off at all - she didn't seem the least bit bothered and just continued along her merry way.

A few photos (click on any one to see more)...

Swing Hugs

Sunshine Girl

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