Thursday, July 15, 2004

1 month (and a bit) update

It's hard to believe Mandy is already over 1 month old! The time is flying by. We have had a bit of a step backward in sleeping...the past few nights she has been up a lot at night which is hard on Mom and Dad! She doesn't sleep much during the day either, so this could be a contributing factor as she just gets grouchier over the course of the day. When she is awake and rested she is very pleasant - she is "talking" and cooing a lot now and makes so many different facial expressions. We see lots of smiles, although right now they are random and not yet directed at anything or anyone. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will start to see some real smiles! Of course we believe she is the smartest baby who ever lived (our standard catch phrase is "advanced for her age") :)...but she does seem to be catching on to some concepts we thought she wouldn't understand for quite a while. We were playing with her Ocean Wonders Aquarium this week and she seems to have figured out that when she touches the aquarium, it makes a noise! At first it was random, but after a few minutes we could see her straining to get her arms over to the aquarium (of course her motor skills aren't too great yet, so this is more difficult than it sounds!). She was getting very excited every time she got it to make a noise, and once she even seemed to giggle a bit! She continues to gain weight at an astounding rate - her official 1 month weight was 9 lbs 14 oz - over a 2 lb gain from her birth weight!

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